Our Classes

The Acting Class New York is famous for its capable on-screen character preparing. In all projects, students are given a level of direction that is unparalleled in the country. The Acting Class New York cultivates new eras of theater specialists and gatherings of people by making student groups that permit rising performers to sharpen their art in a safe yet challenging environment.

Diploma Program


Over a time of three months, the intensive full-time proficient level course gives particular preparing in acting. The understudies are prepared in an assortment of classes which widens their insight into acting methods and style. The first half of the project focuses on the establishments of performing, utilizing preparing strategies established as a part of the theater, however, relevant to screen acting. Students likewise take an interest in an expansive exhibit of center classes that acquaint them with finding the performing artist inside, while at the same time preparing themselves to do the sort of specialized, enthusiastic, and physical work necessary for film acting.
Length: 3 months (Full Time)
Plan: Monday to Saturday
8.30 am to 6:30 pm

Part time Course


The night Part-time course gives students the preparation they require while permitting them to work amid the day through the work week. This system draws together a diverse gathering of individuals from youthful working experts to universal students to people who are settled in occupied professions. All classes are equipped towards giving the building squares expected to build up their acting and move abilities. The compacted length of the course and the focused level of concentrate needs responsibility and relentless joint effort.
No of Sessions: 20
Term: 1 Month

Weekend Workshop


The weekend workshop particularly concentrates on helping students to find the performing artist in them and furnishes them with an exhaustive establishment of acting skills with a particular center in helping them comprehend the fundamental strategies required in building up their acting abilities. The weekend workshop is helpfully intended to fit into their week after week plan by submitting the student to classes just on weekends.
No of Sessions: 8
Term: 1 Month

Youngsters’ Workshop

The Children’s Workshop at ACNY Prepares takes after the ‘Play-yay’ style of instructing by engaging in them in play-like circumstances to build up their creative ability and artistic skills.
No of Sessions: 9